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It’s my blogs 1st birthday!

Wow!So,where do I begin?

Today it is my blogs (and my Instagram accounts) first birthday which means I have been blogging for a exactly year now!Ahh,this is crazyy!I am even shaking whilst writing this post!I remember,I really didn’t know whether to start a blog or not,I was really hesitating but now I am so glad I did.Everything that comes with blogging is absolutely incredible.Although you may have to put quite a bit of work in,the things you get out of it are nothing compared to that!

Blogging has made me more confident.It has made me realise that my little voice may actually be quite important.Some people are actually interested in what I have to say.Before publishing blog posts I always think of so many ‘what if’s’ but I’ve actually become that confident,that I will just not be bothered if people won’t like the post and most of the time I will just wing it and just publish it!

I have met so many lovely bloggers along the way that are always there for me.If I ever have a problem …

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